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AD9851 Module High Speed DDS Sine Wave, Square Wave Signal Generator Fang Bo Adjustable Duty Ratio

Price: 32 USD

5V 2A 10mm~20mm Large Current Wireless Charging Power Supply Transmission Module

Price: 28 USD

Radio Frequency SMA Connection Thread, Inner Thread, Inner Needle, Red and Black Crocodile Clip, Test Line, RG316 Line, 50cm

Price: 30 USD

High purity indium wire plate block 1.0mm 1.5mm 3.0mm experimental research special line

Price: 15 USD

RF voltage controlled oscillator RF oscillator frequency source broadband 515MHz---1150MHz VCO

Price: 28 USD

ESP8266 serial port WIFI module Internet of things STM32F103

Price: 25 USD

New product! Small volume DA14583 module development board supporting module Bluetooth 4, 4.1 BLE low power consumption

Price: 26 USD

TOKIN Piezoceramic Actuator AM1.2X1.2X1.7D-1F

Price: 22 USD

Wideband Peak to Peak Detection Module 50KHz, Low Frequency Positive and Negative Peak, High Precision Detection

Price: 18 USD

SMA banana head connection line, RF radio frequency SMA connection line SMA, male head turn banana head, 50cm long line

Price: 30 USD